About Us

Spine Solutions, Inc., worksite strategies and physical therapy, is on the cutting edge providing on-site injury prevention programs and physical therapy services. Spine Solutions, Inc- worksite strategies has substantially decreased work related injuries as well as workers compensation direct and indirect costs. Our outcomes are a result of working directly with the employees to change awkward postures, mechanics and ergonomics. We help target safe work behavior, intervention for pre-injury and strength/flexibility imbalances.

Spine Solutions, Inc also has a high Return to Work success rate for injured employees. This has a positive impact on the worker, the family and our community. Our programs include a work transition system that utilizes real work tasks to train the injured worker through limited duty to their pre-injury physical status. Then our custom work conditioning program targets strength and endurance for both musculoskeletal and aerobic components to return the worker to a physically demanding job safely.

By returning workers to work and decreasing injuries for employers, Spine Solutions helps to keep the workforce working!



Being an ODG certified clinic means reduced costs by eliminating unncessary therapy visits and getting workers back to work sooner. Contact us to find out more.  We make the process simple.



We accept:

Workers Comp | PPO | Self Pay | Auto Injuries

We obtain authorization for all services.