Direct Telehealth: Interactive Virtual Support For Any Employee, Anywhere

Designed for Doers

As Spine Solutions has expanded its vital services across the country, we’ve also expanded ease of access to our employers and their employees.

Direct Telehealth was created with two ends in mind:

  1. Increase productivity by empowering your employees with the knowledge they need
  2. Reduce worker’s comp injuries and the cost of lost time with a highly-knowledgeable, inexpensive solution
  3. Provide an easy resource that’s available to both individuals and groups on an ongoing, supportive basis

In our lively, interactive video conferencing sessions, we expand your worker awareness in safety measures at the workplace (even if it’s at home) as well as offer healthier options they can employ for their own bodies.

Employees learn to modify and adjust within their work environment for less fatigue, less opportunity for injury, and all-around greater performance.