Designed for Doers

Our assessment analyzes an individual’s return-to-work readiness by accurately replicating that employee’s work-related activities and his or her maximum physical capacity.


I can do everything I used to do before my injury, (s2) also helped me realize I was doing the wrong movements when lifting, reaching or bending. Thanks to physical therapy, I am more aware of how I do things.


Finding a True, Safe Max – Promoting Workability

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is an assessment that analyzes an individual’s return-to-work readiness by accurately replicating one’s work-related activities. Is he or she ready to return to work in the previous capacity, or do the physical work requirements for that individual need to be adjusted?

  • The FCE gives us these answers through an objective, evidence-based assessment.
  • It is founded on extensive research on both kinesiophysical and musculoskeletal movement of the human body.
  • It ascertains one’s ability to perform specific jobs or one’s workability to perform functions throughout the workday.
  • The resulting report is thorough, to the point and easy to comprehend.

Once this “return to work” evaluation is accomplished, the team (nurse, doctor, adjuster, and case manager) utilize the information in the document to determine what (if any) restrictions will be required or recommended when that worker returns to work.

The Spine Solutions FCE is a unique different and significantly effective tool for these reasons:

1. We focus on what the individual can do, not what they can’t do. This is, after all, the priority – we all are interested in the worker’s “workability.” All of the parties involved here want the worker to be returning to work at the highest level he or she can safely and comfortably operate.

2. Our FCE evaluation focuses specifically on the common physical demands in his or her workplace. Each assessment can also be customized to each individual’s job description. By using a comprehensive and repetitive mix of physical demands, we are able to identify endurance, differences in task performance and ability to sustain work activity.

We work together with the worker to test physical requirements of lifting, standing, walking, pulling, reaching, etc., to determine his or her true safe maximum.

3. We follow current best practices, both in state-of-the-art evaluation processes and HIPAA requirements. We’ve created an FCE that provides the employer the return to work information they need without sharing the worker’s private health related information.

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